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THIS WEBSITE is dedicated to the promotion of the great Greek qualities that made Greece the cradle of civilization and democracy and give its light to the world.

It is also dedicated to the men and women who gave Greek learning to the world down through history to the present day.

Take some time to look around my Web site, and if you would like to share your thoughts about it, or share anything about Greece or art, please do.

This site currently has more than 120 embroideries that I have created ... and more are on the way. So, keep coming back to see the new additions.

Best wishes, Katerina

What Do You Really Know About We Greeks?

Test Yourself With These 17 Questions

Here's the first: When did the Holy Spirit come into existence?: (a) At the Pentecost (b) At the creation of the world (c) We're still waiting to receive the Holy Spirit personally.

(So, if you thought that was easy, answer this one: What is the significance of the other two dates?)

The Birth
of Mary

Valentine's Day

The making of an embroidery

Classical Scholars from around the world have sent a letter to the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

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