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The Greek Flag and the Epic of 1940

In what became known as the Epic of 1940 Greeks rebuffed Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's demand on October 28 that they surrender to occupation with a resounding: "No!"

The Axis powers subsequently invaded.

Although vastly outnumbered, the Greeks fought bravely and successfully repulsed Italy's overwhelmingly superior military forces.

When British Prime Minister Winston Churchill received news of how well the Greeks fought, he said: "Until now, we knew that Greeks were fighting like heroes; from now on we shall say that heroes fight like Greeks."

With this embroidered card honoring the fighters of the Epic of 1940 I also honour the Greek women who played a major role in all wars and struggles against the enemies of the Greek nation.

Such figures, like Manto Mavrogenous, Bouboulina and numerous other heroines, have remained symbols of courage and sacrifices.

To this end I have created traditional handmade embroideries to commemorate events in the Greek history and its national struggles.

One of them demonstrates the liberation of the city of Salonica from the Turks while another depicts the Balkan wars for the liberation of Macedonia under the leadership of the Greek independence fighter, Pavlos Melas.

Inspired by the selfless spirit of these great women and men I have tirelessly campaigned, since February 2004, to promote Greek culture and the grandeur of Greece by promoting my works and message internationally and through the Web site of prominent international newspapers.

My efforts have borne fruit having drawn strong encouragement and international recognition from powerful people around the world. I will not rest and I feel empowered to accomplish more.

1940 Epic