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Alexander of Thessaloniki

King of Macedonia, or better known internationally as "Alexander the Great", was born in 356 BC and succeeded to the throne at the age of 20 following the assassination of his father Philip II.

Alexander subjugated the Archaemenid empire of Persia under Macedonian rule and also temporarily conquered the Indus valley region.

By doing so he brought great Greek culture to the Middle East and laid the foundations for a wider common civilization that characterized what is today called the Hellenistic Age. It was this Greek civilization that later enabled Christianity to spread. Alexander died in 323 BC after a lifetime of accomplishment.

The embroidery pictured here is one example of a series of  handmade embroideries on Greek historical and cultural themes that I created out of love for my hometown, Thessaloniki, and from my desire to send a message to the world that Macedonia, of which Thessaloniki that is the chief city, is a Greek region, contrary to claims other countries have on the name.