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Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and Its Joys

Aphrodite was born at the shores of Cyprus, from the white foam of the sea waves - her name literally means “foam born” - appearing in a sea shell and through the breath of the soft sea breeze.

She is the goddess of love and its joys. As soon as she set foot on land the earth got filled with grass and flowers.

Aphrodite’s symbols, as sea goddess, are the swan, the dolphin, the kingfisher, the good spirits of the sea winds.

She protects from all the dangers of the sea and helps the sea travelers.

From among the 12 Olympian gods, she possesses the ideal of woman’s beauty, as she had the knowledge to enhance the beauty of the body by wearing elegant clothes made for her by the three Graces.

Eros, a small winged boy, the son of Aphrodite is the youngest of the gods. In Roman mythology he is referred to as Cupid, love’s messenger.

The legendary Greek epic poet Homer calls Aphrodite the child of Zeus and Dione, which is the feminine form of Zeus (Dios).


Aphrodite, Created from Foam.