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Apollo, God of Light, Music, Poetry and Punishment

Son of Olympian Zeus and Leto, the Greek god Apollo is the personification of the lucid Greek sky, the beauty of Greek nature and all those distinguished Greek thinkers as well as the aesthetic benefits of Greek spirit.

He is the god of light, music, the art of divination and the healing power of medicine. Furthermore, he is the god of life, joy and nature's harmony.

One of the 12 gods of Olympia, his other name is Lycian Apollo who takes vengeance and destroys his enemy. He surprises the unjust with his swift and deadly arrows, as he is an excellent archer and brings down anyone who commits injustice, insult and outrage.

Apollo is the guide of muses and graces, but also the guide of all Greek emigrants, and is their leader, founder and settler. He is the god of catharsis and god-saviour for the Romans. His symbols are the lyre, the bow and arrow, and also the tripod.

I will offer this hand-embroidered card as a present to the Association of Greek Public Prosecutors as a memento from my retrospective art exhibition at the Athens Olympics in 2004.