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Athena, Goddess of the 2004 Olympics Host City

The city of Athens is associated with the goddess Athena, the daughter of Zeus, father of all Greek gods on Mount Olympus. She is a powerful goddess and is dearly loved by her father.

Since ancient times Athena was revered and adored among all Greek city states and beyond.

Athena is portrayed as the goddess of civilization and culture, specifically personalizing wisdom, crafts and the ancient art of weaving. She is always accompanied by the goddess of victory, Nike, and is attended by an owl.

Athena is often portrayed helmeted, wears a goatskin breastplate gifted by her father, and carries a shield emblazed with the gorgon Medusa’s head.

In contrast to the unwise god Mars, the bellicose and reckless god of war, Athena possesses a trump of wisdom with which she overrides and overrules him.

The olive branch, emblem of her peaceful and serene character, has become the universal symbol of peace.

Goddess Athena