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Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow

Founded in the 18th century, the famous Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow has recorded an unprecedented history of dramatic events and escapades.

Prince Urussov of Russia was the precursor of the theatre we know today. It was commissioned by the Empress Catherine the Great in the year 1776 and financed by a British gentleman named Michael Maddox.

But three great disasters befell it: in 1805, 1812, and 1853 when the building was burned down each time. In 1812 it was caught up in a fire that was raging through Moscow at the time and destroyed almost the entire city.

The new building -- the one we can see now -- is considered to be the second largest theatre of Europe after the world-famous Scala di Milano in Italy.

I created this embroidery in order to honour the fellow country Russia, which is to host the Winter Olympic Games in the Black Sea city of Sochi in 2014. I am planning to offer this card as a gift to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in order to honour him as the leader of Russia.