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The 1824 Massacre of Greeks on Chios Island

During my visit to the Louvre Museum in Paris, I saw paintings by the great artists and admired their works. Among which, the great painter Eugene Delacroix depicted the Chios massacre by the Ottomans in 1824.

Delacroixt titled his painting, ‘Scenes from the Massacres of Chios.’

This great French artist expressed with stunning realism the savage cruelty of Ottoman soldiers who hanged, butchered, starved, or tortured to death tens of thousands of Greek civilians of the island in revenge for a local armed revolt by Greeks against the Ottoman occupiers.

Inspired by this masterpiece to embroider my own work based on his, I wished to show the entire world my gratitude to one of France's truly great artists for his sympathetic portrayals of injustices against Greeks and others.

This is why I will offer my embroidery, set on a card, as a gift to the President of the French Republic, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy.

In this way I wish to honour the French nation and its people.

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Chios Massacre

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