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The Birth of Christ - Treasured Icon from Athos

I have had the honour of embroidering an artwork of the Birth of Christ, as shown here.

The Apolytikion: “Your birth, Jesus Christ, our Lord, gave rise to the world, to the light of knowledge, in this light, those who worship the stars were taught under the stars. We kneel before you, thou art the Sun of justice, and we acknowledge you from the East, Glory thy name.”

You can see the picture of the Birth of Christ at the interior part of the card, with the Christ along with the Superior Creator of the universe. Over the crib, among the clouds, He blesses the arrival of the Son of God with the six angels.

I embroidered this card to honour the Birth of Christ, the Orthodoxy of Greece and Orthodoxy in the whole world.

I will offer it as a gift to Mount Athos.

You can see the treasures of Mount Athos with which I framed the picture of the Birth of Christ.

You can see the text of the card, a photocopy of the book entitled, “The Garden of Mary – The Treasures of Mount Athos.”

I had the honour of purchasing, in 2011, the book entitled, “The Garden of Mary – The Treasures of Mount Athos.”

Browsing through the book, I was impressed by the Hagiographic works of Mount Athos, the forms of Christ, the Virgin Mary and the saints. I was also impressed by the Western-like fresco of the Birth of Christ.

I have been watching the talk shows of Dimosthenis Liakopoulos, an intellectual, who has studied astrophysics, Greek and world history, Orthodoxy’s patristic texts, and military technology through the centuries, from prehistoric times until today.

Liakopoulos is a journalist based in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, known for his unparalleled directness of speech. His honesty and directness were recorded in his television shows which are viewed widely due to their quality and information provided.

The embroidery will be published on my website in December 2015.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit original

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