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From Colossus of Rhodes to the Olympics

The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and once stood at the harbour entrance of the Mediterranean Greek island of Rhodes.

Made from copper to personify the sun, this was the largest of all the ancient Hellenistic works of art, standing 31 meters in height. It took 12 years to make and was completed in 290 B.C.

Tragically, a little less than a thousand years later, in A.D. 657, Saracen occupiers of the island cut it up and sold the pieces.

I made this embroidered card of Colossus to celebrate the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens – a task to which I had dedicated the previous six years. (As you can see, I am still going strong four years later!) In the process, my home has become a museum of art.

I plan to donate several of my embroideries to Greek museums in celebration of the 2004 Athens Olympics.