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The Dormition of Mother Mary

In the world of Eastern Orthodox Christianity the Holy Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, is the comfort of every afflicted and persecuted person in this vain world of injustice and despair.

I have created an embroidery on card to honour Orthodoxy and the Dormition (which means, "going to sleep") of the Blessed Mother Mary, which is grandly celebrated on August 15 on the island of Tinos.

I also wish to look back and remind everyone that 71 years ago the Greek Navy ship "Elli" was torpedoed and sank on the very day of the Dormition of the Virgin, namely August 15.

This marked the beginning of the Second World War during which the Greeks fought heroically and changed the course of history. Greece was one of the U.S. allies.

This card is a gift to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I.