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English Carriage

This traditional carriage was designed to protect passengers in all British seasons. And what a great job it did!

The city of London was granted the honour to host the Olympic Games in 2012. In celebration of its receiving the Games of the Eternal Flame, I will offer this beautiful English city a hand-made embroidery of an old English carriage (shown here). By this gesture, I would like to honour the British capital city, which I very much consider as my second home.

In the same manner, I honoured the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing, with an embroidery of a traditional Chinese carriage. I am preparing an embroidery of the Great Wall of China, which I will offer to the Chinese government at the 2008 Games.

Since February 2004, I have promoted my country through such artwork and I continue to do so internationally through the Middle East Times newspaper and other publications out of my love for the ideals of Greece and the greatness of my compatriots.