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The Gathering of the 70 Apostles

This embroidery shows the Creator of the Universe with His Son Jesus Christ, at right, who protects the entire world.

They are surrounded by ministering angels and saints.

This is one part of the icon of the Synaxis of the 70 Apostles that is celebrated on January 4th each year.

I created this work as a demonstration of my deep faith in our Lord, the Father and God of the world, and in His Son.

I decided to embroider this card for the whole world and to offer it as a modest gift to the Metropolitan Bishop of Thessaloniki, Anthimos.

Synaxis of the 70 Apostles

With the use of divine faith you caught the nations,
o seventy Apostles of the Lord;
And you lead them into the knowledge of God
As those who had received the grace of the Spirit
O inspired initiative,
Intercede with Christ our God
That He grants us His great mercy.
Apolitikion (Orthodox ode)