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The Last Byzantine Emperor

On May 29, 1453, the magnificent city of Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire.

In rememberance of that day and to honour the grandeur of the long-lived Byzantine Empire, I have woven a large embroidered card (on right) of Emperor Constantine Palaiologos, who is the last emperor of the Byzantines.

Also, I have created an embroidery of a two-headed eagle (below right), emblem of the Byzantine emperors.

I intend to present the brilliance of the Byzantine Empire with its historical and glorious past, on embroidered banners during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

The Last Emperor, I will offer to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The double-headed eagle, which also happens to be the emblem for Russia will be donated to the Russian government.

I plan to donate all my artworks to other distinguished personalities in Greece and abroad who represent different walks of life and accomplishment.

I would like to represent my country by expressing the courtesy and splendour of the Greek people.

I am the only artist to have organized an exhibit of Greek popular handicraft and embroidery during an Olympic Games.

The Last Emperor

Symbol of Byzantine Empire
Two-headed eagle: Symbol of the Byzantine Empire