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Cherishing Our Identity: The Greek National Flags of 1821

The Greek heroes of 1821 rose up against the Ottoman empire to liberate their homeland from 400 years of occupation. Greeks celebrate this victory with Independence Day on March 25.

Greek women played an important role in the independence struggle. Among them, two very prominent women distinguished themselves for their bravery: Bouboulina and Manto Mavrogenous.

Greek artist Katerina Kondovraki has created traditional embroideries with early Greek flags that mark milestones in the nationís historical course through the centuries.

The artist says she is fighting against the globalization of culture, which is sweeping through the nations and washing over religions, history and customs that have made each of us unique and part of our identity.

At this critical moment, Katerina Kondovraki says, "I want to keep alive the grandeur and the ideals of the Greek people," and, she adds, "I am absolutely dedicated to promoting Greek culture and hopefully in the process I will inspire others to protect their cultures."

Independence Flag 1Independence Flag 2