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The Wondrous Gift: The Birth of Jesus Christ

The Virgin Mary gave birth to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who came to this world to teach us to love our neighbour.

Inspired by my deep faith in the Son of God and Virgin Mary, I have embroidered this card to honour this great religious celebration of Christianity, the physical birth of Jesus.

I will offer this card as a gift to the Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Nativity card

The Nativity

Click here to read the below letter to me from Ieronimos B the Archbishop of Athens and of All Greece. If you don't read Greek, here are excerpts in English.:
"You gave me great joy with your wonderful work of embroidery on the theme of the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior.
"There is nothing more serene, peaceful and profitable to the soul than searching in the Holy Scripture ... and approaching the ecclesiastical art like you so capably do."

(Click here to read the full English translation.)

Nativity card

... and below is a letter to me from the PATRIARCH OF JERUSALEM Theophilos III.