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Saint Nectarios, Miracle Worker of Aegina

St. Nectarios (1846-1920) was born in Silyvria in Thrace to a poor family.

Many people regarded him as a saint during his life for his humility, prayer, writings, purity, and miracles.

He was officially recognized as a saint in 1961. The Feast Day of St. Nectarios is celebrated every year on 9 November.

“Offspring of Silyvria and the guardian of Aegina,
the true friend of virtue who hath appeared in the last years,
Oh Nectarios, we faithfully honour thee as a Godly servant of Christ,
for you pour healing on everyone who piously cries out:
Glory to Christ who hath glorified thee,
Glory to Him who hath magnified thee,
Glory to Him who through thee workest healings to all.”

Apolytikion (Ode to) St. Nektarios

I have embroidered this card in order to honour St. Nectarios, the miracle worker throughout the world of Orthodoxy. It is a gift to the Metropolitan Bishop of Argirokastri of Albania.