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The Day Greeks said 'No!'

The date 28 October, 1940 is a defining moment in modern Greece and is celebrated annually as 'Ohi Day' with great joy and pride by Greeks everywhere.

On that day Ioannis Metaxas, leader of Greece, said "Ohi!" ("No!") when challenged to surrender by a leader of the invading Axis nations.

Any nation that forgets its history will sooner than later cease to exist.

Historical memories have to be kept alive down through generations of Greek people, and all struggles through all history need to be remembered and honoured.

For that reason, and to inspire Greeks everywhere, I have embroidered artworks commemorating historical moments from key events in Greek history, such as the Greek Revolution of 1821, the final liberation of Thessaloniki city from Turkish occupation in 1912, and the Balkan Wars of 1912-13.

Ohi Day Flag

Ohi Day Flag and Picture