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A Seminal Event For Mankind Through All Ages

The Spirit of the Olympic Games is alive within the soul of each of us.

Bursting to break out, its Dream does not embarass us.

Its Ideal is not tainted by the divisions of race or religion, wealth and want, nationality and negativity.

The Spirit, embodied by the Flame is to alight in our world once again in 2012, in London.

The British capital city is given the honour to host the Games then; but it will not own the Olympics.

In fact, no one can claim the Games as theirs.

Yet although the Olympics could, in a sense, be said to have been born in Greece, my country is not their owner either.

Rather Greece can be likened to the proud parents of a Divine Child. In a mystical way, the Olympics chose Greece.

And for that, we are humbled.


My artwork shown here commemorates the active period of the Modern Olympic Games from its revival in 1896 to the Athens Olympics in 2004, the date I made this embroidery.

Olympic Spirit

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