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Christ Pandokrator – Our Lord Jesus Christ

The following text comes from the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament Bible:

“The apostles headed to all nations of the world in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

I embroidered this card to honour Orthodoxy and the great Day of the Assumption of Mary that is celebrated on August 15th with great brilliance on the Greek island of Tinos.


Also, I am touched with emotion because 72 years ago on August 15th, the legendary ship ‘Elli’ was torpedoed at the start of World War II, a time when Greeks fought like giants and changed the course of history.

I created this embroidery card as a gift for the Metropolite Anthimos of Alexandroupoli.

Christ Pandokrator is the Greek title given to Our Lord Jesus.

Pandokrator means 'powerful' or 'almighty'. But the Greek meaning is deeper than that and can't easily be translated.

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