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Poseidon: Lord of the Seas, Protector of Sailors

The Greek gods held a lottery to determine which of the realms each would rule. Zeus got the heavens, making him the supreme ruler, Hades drew the Underworld, and Poseidon won the Oceans.

They agreed to share the power over the earth, though the greatest responsibility for it went to Poseidon.

In fact, he is also known as Poseidon of the Thunderbolt, Rain God and Earth Shaker for he was also a deity who made the land fertile by providing its life-giving moisture -- or drying it up in revenge if he was crossed.

Poseidon built a magnificent underwater palace and outfitted its stables with golden-maned white horses that would draw his golden chariot across the seas.

He would oversee his kingdom of oceans and lands by observing them from atop the mountains of islands.

He took care to ensure the safety of the sailors who tilled the sea.

Like all the other gods, Poseidon was moody and quick to take offense. But he was also an honorable god -- you knew exactly where he stood with things, and when he gave his word he kept it.

He had no time for those whose word could not be relied upon.

And like his brothers and sisters Poseidon was born fully grown.