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Russia, Let its Flag Fly and the Light Shine

I honour the friendly country of Russia, and in particular the city of Sochi that has been awarded the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Along with two other great nations, China this August 8-14 and Great Britain in 2012, Sochi and Russia have begun preparing to be an Olympic host.

I have created embroideries of the flag of Russia (size 27x25cm), China (size 28×25cm) and Great Britain (size 28×25cm), which I hope to present along with dozens of other embroideries at an exhibit during the Olympic Games in Beijing this summer.

I feel deeply motivated to honour the host countries of the coming Games, because I feel deeply the heritage of Greece, which birthed the Olympics in 776 BC in Olympia in the Peloponnese, and whose Olympic Spirit and Ideal need to captivate the world with the grandeur and beauty of sports every fourth year.

I would like to congratulate all three countries and whole-heartedly encourage them to organize the best Olympic Games ever. I hope that the Olympic Spirit will continue to shine as brightly as it did back in Ancient times.