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Jesus at Saint Basil Church in North Elvetia

Greek television covered the speech delivered by Metropolite Anthimos of Thessalonica in the Church of Saint Basil in North Elvetia.

At the holy gate, the curtain had been pulled aside during the speech and one could see the grandiose form of our Lord Jesus Christ who came into this world to teach us to love our neighbor and he was crucified for us.

I embroidered this card to honour Orthodoxy and the great day of the Virgin Mary celebrated each year on the 15th of August on the island of Tinos.

Saint Basil

I am touched with emotion because on that day 73 years ago, the legendary ship “Elli” was torpedoed at the start of World War II, a time when Greeks fought like giants and changed the course of history. Greece was an ally of the United States of America.

I will gift the artwork to Metropolite Ambrose of Kalavryta and Aigialia.

saint basil