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'The Sleeping Maid' by Chalepas

In 1874 the famous Greek sculptor Giannoulis Chalepas created a masterpiece in the form of a statue on the grave of Sophia Afentakis, who died age 18.

The name of this masterpiece of modern sculpture: "The Sleeping Maid."

In 1950, the Greek justice prohibited the heirs of the Afentakis’ family to sell the statue, a stance that was well accepted by the municipality of Athens.

The reason was that such an action would abrogate the creator’s will.

I am offering this hand-embroidered card as a present to the Greek shipowners’ Association, which is based in London.

Through this gift, I would like to honor the shipowners, as I am the daughter of Nicolaos Kondovrakis who served as captain in the Greek Merchant Marine.

He was a patriot who received a medal of honor from former Prime Minister General Papagos for his service to his homeland Greece during World War II.

Sleeping Maid