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The Destruction of Smyrna

The inhuman behaviour of the Ottoman Turks towards the Greek Orthodox population of Asia Minor and their culture demonstrated to the world a surprising level of cruelty.

September 1922 was the date when the remaining Greeks left the city of Smyrna to return to Greece. The total number of the Greeks of Asia Minor at that time was 2 million people.

The victims of war totaled some 300,000 to 400,000 people. The number of refugees who fled to Greece was about 1.5 million people, which raised the population of Greece by about 25 percent.

In July 1923, when the Conference of Lausanne was signed, about 300,000 Greeks remained in Constantinople (present day Istanbul) and 400,000 throughout Asia Minor, Turkey.

I would like to offer this artwork as a gift to the Association of Greek Shipowners in London.

The image at right shows a page of a book published in 1950 from which I made my embroidery. It depicts the event quite accurately, as it was painted shortly after the actual event.

Destruction of Smyrna

Smyrna Original Book