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The Tower of London and City of the 2012 Games

The Tower of London is one of the great historical landmarks of the capital city of England.

It joins the Big Ben clock tower as a must-see in London. The Tower of London was famously used as a prison for the rich and famous who met their end by execution for insulting, challenging, or otherwise upsetting the monarchy of the day.

However, through the centuries the fortress served many other purposes. Among them, it served as a residence for the royal family, an observatory, a menagerie and a museum.

Nowadays the Tower of London is a world-class tourist attraction, housing the priceless Crown Jewels and a large variety of royal robes, orbs and scepters, armour, swords of state, and far more, which all go to show the awesome power and luxury of the English monarchy throughout history.

I will offer this hand-made embroidered card of the Tower of London fortress to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in order to honour the Queen and city entrusted to host the Olympic Games in 2012.

Tower of London