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Vardaska, Skopje, FYROM

They have called it Vardaska and FYROM, and its capital is Spopje.

In 1945 General Tito of the former United Yugoslavia transformed the name of the region of Skopje-FYROM into “Macedonia” for political reasons.

Today, they claim a name that is not theirs and a history that is not theirs.

I am dedicating these embroideries to all member states of the European Union.

Who was Alexander the Great?

Alexander conquered the whole Oriental world and the Hellenic civilization during the second half of the 4th century B.C.

Son of the king of Macedonia, Philip II and of Olympiada, a princess from Epirus, he mounted the throne of Macedonia after his father’s assassination in 335 B.C.

He was a conqueror in history whose pursuit was not to bring destruction and oppression to the nations of the Orient, but the benefits of Greek culture which was dominant at that time, thereby offering them invaluable gifts of civilisation and culture.

He was an apostle of Hellenic ideals, which he implemented in practice at the peak of their expression.

Considered by many as the forerunner and founder of “Pax Romana,” which had a different ideal: that of the establishment and expansion of Christianity worldwide.

I will offer this card as a gift to the European Union in order to demonstrate the grandeur of the Greek culture.