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The Pillars of Olympian Zeus

Located in the center of the Greek capital city, Athens, is a massive monument called the Pillars of Olympian Zeus. Today, 15 columns remain from that ancient building.

The pillars are the remnants of a temple project so large, that despite several attempts to build it over a period of more than 600 years, it had been left unfinished.

That is until Roman Emperor Hadrian took on the task of completing it around AD 130, energized by his love and great admiration for Athens and Greek culture.

When it was finished, Emperor Hadrian adorned the temple with a glorious statue of Zeus made of gold and ivory in its central room.

Out of my love for Greece, I have been promoting my artwork -- which focuses on the ancient Greek ideals and glory -- through various publications, like the Middle East Times.

I feel that these ideals are being attacked by foes in Greece and, with this modest contribution, I am trying to awaken the Greek community around the world to the rights of my country.

The embroidery featured here shows some of the remaining temple pillars in the foreground as they can be seen today, while standing atop a rock in the background is the renowned Parthenon temple.

The original temple of Zeus had 104 Corinthian columns.

I am giving this embroidery -- which was exhibited during the 2008 Athens Olympic Games -- to the American Senator Ted Kennedy.

Temple of Zeus

Pillars of the Temple of Zeus with the Parthenon temple sitting atop the Acropolis Rock in the Background.