About the Artist

I am preparing to show here my step-by-step process to make embroideries.

For now, and as a brief introduction, I'd just like to say that I spend several hours of most days working on them.

That's when I'm not at my office.

I am fighting against the globalization of culture, which is sweeping through the nations and washing over religions, history and cultures. History, religion and culture have made each of us unique and are part of our identity.

One way, as I see it, is to help people in difficult environments around the world in whatever way we can.

(Click below to see how an Ethiopian girl is receiving help from sponsorship.)

I believe that we have not learned from history and that Greece has many helpful lessons for us today.

That's why at this critical time in history I want to do my part to keep alive the grandeur and the ideals of the Greek people.

I am absolutely dedicated to uplift Greek culture. And hopefully in the process I will inspire and encourage others to promote their own.

the artist

Embroidery Making

See a sequence of
embroideries in the making.


See my scrapbook of my
trips and all kinds of things.

My Art Over the Years

See how I expressed myself through embroideries of
various kinds through the years.